Villa de Leyva

For short study courses

Our mission and vision

Villa de Leyva is a beautiful tranquil Colombian town. It is a 3-hour car journey from Bogota airport. The intention of this website is to promote Villa de Leyva as a future hub that will offer short courses in culture, education, and the arts for visitors of all ages – including adults.

The vision we envisage is that if you are feeling adventurous and would like to learn to speak Spanish, study figurative drawing or practice Latin dancing, or hear about Colombian history in a safe and beautiful setting – then Villa de Leyva is potentially the town for you.

Villa de Leyva is a small colonial town of 25,000 inhabitants in the Andean mountains which enjoys a dry sunny climate nearly all year round. It is also very safe and is 30 minutes from Iguaque national park.

We hope over time to encourage providers of courses (’cursos’) to use this website to bring attention to what they can offer. Equally, potential visitors who are interested in courses (‘cursos’) can get in touch via this website to find out what is on offer in the town.

The local market on Saturdays

The founders

The two founders of this website are Sandra (Colombian) and Tom (Irish) who are frequent visitors to Villa de Leyva and are based in London. We are very keen to involve other people in developing this website and those who might share the vision of promoting Villa de Leyva in this way. We believe the town has potential to develop as an educational hub over time and can also become synonymous with culture, and personal improvement.

Our values

It is envisaged that that this website will be mainly for the benefit of the local people of Villa de Leyva: both directly for course providers and indirectly for other service providers be they café or restaurant owners or other local businesses. It is intended to progress this project’s vision along lines that are sensitive to the social and environmental needs of the local community. We genuinely welcome input from anyone who would like to see Villa de Leyva develop along these lines.

The historical main square

Why the need for this website?

For an individual or a group to seek out and enrol themselves on educational and cultural courses from outside or even inside Colombia, they need to be convinced that the courses are genuine and that the course providers will deliver on what they say.

This website provides assurance and confidence for those interested in enrolling on such courses while helping genuine course providers to promote their courses and services in a way that they will be trusted.


We welcome enquiries from:

Potential visitors to Villa de Leyva who wish to enrol on cultural/educational courses

We would also like to hear from:

Teachers, scientists, artists, musicians, course instructors, and historians who wish to provide cultural/educational and lifestyle courses in Villa de Leyva.